What Our Clients Say


What Liza McConnell, General Manager, Gorgeous Cosmetics said about 2 Peas Pty Ltd

2 Peas have provided a great support for Gorgeous Cosmetics. From day one, when we were contemplating just how to set up our MYOB Retail Manager system for 2 stores, to today, when we have 10 locations across Austalia using the system, 2 Peas have helped us all the way.
2 Peas are easy to contact and easy to deal with – a rarity in the IT industry!


What Alex Jacobs, Director of High Class Communications said about Ostendo:

We spent significant time looking for good Inventory/Invoicing software that will allow us to integrate with our accounting package as well as our on-line shopping cart. After long investigation and speaking to number of Accountants and IT Consultants we introduced to Ostendo. Based on SQL database, Ostendo does all we require in relation to sales, warehousing, purchasing, landed costings and inventory replenishment.

We were particularly pleased with the flexibility of the program. That we have been able to customise Ostendo to suit all our applications is what we love about it most. Whenever we need to create or customize any part of Invoice, Report, Pricelist – it can be done.

Our major concern before making the decision to use Ostendo was that Ostendo does not have direct support and there were only small amount of companies that support it. However, our decision was made upon numerous conversation with Pam Pitt from 2 Peas Pty Ltd and we were reassured by her wonderful approach towards assisting us. The level of support, knowledge and willingness to help and assist are extraordinary. This goes beyond Ostendo. 2 Peas has assisted us numerously with MYOB issues and accounting issues.

After looking at multiple software packaging and working with Ostendo for nearly a year – we would certainly recommend it to all businesses. In particular, we recommend it as it allows us to run multiple business units through the one database, licensing is very reasonably priced and customisation is always achievable.

About High Class Communications

Founded in 1998, High Class Communications Pty Ltd is an independent IT hardware sector, providing quality products backed up with dedicated sales and technical personnel, providing fantastic service at both the pre-sales and post sales stages. Technical support is an important element of the company’s customer service, ensuring rapid resolution of the hardware issues which may arise from time to time. The company also carries out extensive testing and evaluation of new products prior to their selection and introduction to the range. High Class Communications offers an efficient service and a product portfolio which is reinforced by the company’s reputation for the selection of quality assured, competitively-priced, high-performance products.


What Kylie Devine, Administration Manager of ALL THINGS AUSTRALIAN PTY LTD said about 2 Peas Pty Ltd

Back in February 2008 we were looking at expanding our business from an online one to having a retail outlet in at Melbourne Central. This was a big step up for us, and involved a major revamp of our software system, and logistically it was a nightmare. We introduced hundreds of new stock items, and had to somehow import the data recorded at the Melbourne Central retail outlet back to head office in Footscray. We had no idea how to go about this. As we were already working with MYOB Retail Manager, I googled for a MYOB Consultant and stumbled across Pam Madytianos. What a fateful day that was.  Two and a half years later and two more retail stores nation wide, our business is going from strength to strength and still growing. We could not have achieved the successful opening of all our three retail outlets without Pam’s assistance and guidance. She has always been just a phone call away, at any time of the day and even sometimes the night! At times we needed things done at a moments notice and she never let us down. Pam has the uncanny ability of making even the most insurmountable tasks seem achievable, with minimal fuss and bother to her clients.  Pam introduced us to Retail Manager Multi-Store, which enabled all our retail outlets to communicate with Head Office, and the transfer of all our data as easy as a click away. Retail Manager Multi-Store we have found to be a powerful tool in the running of our business, yet very user friendly. You can be sure as our business continues to grow; it will be Pam and 2 Peas that we will be looking to once again.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of 2 Peas to anyone that is looking to grow their business, or to larger established companies who are looking for some sound financial advice, and reliable efficient service. If 2 Peas were a hotel, they would be a 5 star one!

What Chris Fraser , Finance Manager of Gate Healthcare Pty Ltd said about Ostendo:

We had an introduction to Ostendo by our accountant, who had other clients happily using Ostendo.  We were initially concerned as to whether we would be able to easily navigate around Ostendo, and whether we would be able to find and resolve errors.  However, we decided to go ahead as we really needed a system beyond MYOB’s capabilities to handle our increasingly complex stock range.  Plus we valued the opinion of our accountant and had received good feedback about Ostendo.  We were reassured as we found the system easy to use on a simple day to day basis.

We are particularly impressed with the stock control provided by Ostendo and the speed and flexibility of reporting.  And we like the ease of viewing and tracking orders and invoices, and the ease of sourcing information regarding outstanding debtors.

We would recommend Ostendo to other businesses, as it is simple to use, so long as it is set up 100% in the implementation process.  We have found it easy for staff to learn daily functionality, easy for new staff to learn, and easy to see what previous staff have done.  It caters to all our reporting needs. We would also recommend the services of Pam and Graeme Pitt of 2 Peas Pty Ltd.    They ask clear questions and provide clear and prompt responses.  No business has the ability to wait for answers, and they have provided us with answers within 24 hours of all of our queries.